Chanukah at Chabad Torah Tots


Dear Parents:

With Chanukah just over a week away we have been busy learning and getting ready for this special holiday. We have learned about the Menorah, the dreidel, the special foods we eat and why we celebrate Chanukah. We can’t wait to celebrate Chanukah at Torah Tots all together. Below is a list of special activities and fun that we will be happening throughout Chanukah. If you would like to join us for any of these activities please let us know, and we will arrange a special time for you to come in!

  • Tuesday Dec. 16 – Doughnut making and Sharing. Mix, measure and shape our very own doughnuts just in time for the first Chanukah night. We will watch them puff up as they fry in the oil and stuff them with special filling. We will decorate some of our doughnuts to share with seniors in our community and give them Chanukah joy.

  • Wednesday Dec. 17 – Latka Making. We will work together as a school with each class doing their part to peel, wash, grate and mix up our own latkas. We will be able to taste them together with our lunch.

  • Thursday Dec. 18 – Special Chanukah puppet show and Grand Dreidel Game. We will hear a special Chanukah story from our friendly puppets then we will all play a dreidel game where everyone wins. We will spin or toss the dreidels depending on the age of the children and commemorate the Jews hiding in caves and pretending to play with tops when they were really learning Torah.

  • Friday Dec. 19 – Chanukah scavenger Hunt. We will remember the miracle of finding the oil as we head out on a special Chanukah hunt all together in search of Chanukah objects.

  • Sunday Dec 28- 4pm-6pm- Community Chanukah Event. Torah Tots children will make a special presentation as we join together to light a real giant Menorah and celebrate a Musical Chanukah with crafts, entertainments, and treats.

Looking forward to a wonderful Chanukah together filled with LIGHT and Nachas!

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