Early Friday schedule

Dear parents,

As you know, early Friday dismissal has begun a few weeks ago. In our effort to make the transition as easy as possible for everyone, we have tried a few different things and have come up with a viable plan. Due to the shorter schedule, nap time needs to be a little bit shorter than usual, allowing enough time for the children to wake up and transition happily. We have found that dressing the children upstairs also saves a lot of time and frustrations.

If you feel your child needs a longer nap, you are welcome pick him/her up for 12:45.

In closing, we ask that you please wait in the front lobby, and we will bring your child to you. We find it much easier for the children to meet all the parents at 2:30 in the lobby, as appose to you coming into the JLI room. (Seeing a parent before the children are ready to go, is often upsetting to the children and makes the transition more difficult)

Please let us know your thoughts and how this is working for you!

Thank you for your collaboration

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