Blue Cars - Nov. 24th-28th

This week we had so much fun learning about Chanukah. We are learning all about the Menorah. We explored all about it using our five senses we just finished learning about. We made menorahs out of playdough and put candles in them. It was so exciting to touch the candles and see them stand up in the playdough. We painted on shiny foil and made it into a big Menorah for the wall. We can see the shiny Menorah hanging on our bulletin board. We know that we light a Menorah using candles or oil. We saw and smelled olive oil. We also saw touched and tasted real olives and squeezed them to see how oil is made for the Menorah.We did a cool experiment with oil and coloured water. We filled a pan with oil. Then we used our fine motor skills to to drop coloured water into the oil. The water created bubbles that sank to the bottom. It looked really pretty. Then we started mixing and tried to get the bubbles to mix with the oil but they just seperated into smaller bubbles. Next came our hands and a beautiful table when we were all done. What fun! We had a blast making our very own candles. We used a blow dryer and heard the sound it made to warm up sheets of beeswax. We held the blow-dryer and warmed it up all by ourselves. Then our Morah helped us put the wick in and start rolling it. Then we were able to finish rolling it all by ourselves. We also heard all our Menorah songs. You can read the words below.

We are all so sad to say goodbye to Lev who is moving away from Winnipeg for a few months. We made special cupcakes and goodbye pictures and had a little goodbye party with our class. We"ll miss you so much.

In our Alef Bais unit we met the letter Hay. We felt a foam hay and decorated a hay for our book.

Menorah Songs we've been singing:

I have a little Menorah so shiny and so bright

I"ll put the candles in it & then it I shall light.

Oh Menorah Menorah Menorah so shiny and so bright

I"ll put the oil in it & then it I shall light.

My menorah, my menorah, my menorah burning bright

Add a candle, add a candle, one more each Chanukah night x2

Fry the latkes, spin the dreidels, come and let us celebrate

Add a candle, add a candle, one more until there are eight x2

One candle burning, one candle burning, one candle burning bright

On the Menorah on the Menorah on the first Chanukah night.

Two candles burning...

Three candles burning... etc.

Eight candles burning, eight candles burning, eight candles burning in a row

On the Menorah on the Menorah on the eighth Chanukah night.

Picasa - IMG_20141127_121333.jpg

Tasting and squeezing olives.

Picasa - IMG_20141126_092040.jpg

Blowdrying the beeswax to warm it up.

Picasa - IMG_20141126_090542.jpg

Rolling the beeswax to make a candle.

Picasa - IMG_20141127_085505.jpg

Dropping coloured water into oil.

Picasa - IMG_20141125_105222.jpg

Trying to pop the bubbles and feeling the oil with our hands.

Picasa - IMG_20141124_121656.jpg

Making Playdough Menorahs. Look at those candles standing.

Picasa - IMG_20141124_085851.jpg

Painting on Silver Foil to make a shiny Menorah.

To view more photos please click the link below:

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