JK/ Yellow Smilies Week 9 - 21 November

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"I would like to see all the wonderful things my child did last week" Quoted from a phone call from a Torah Tots parents! Here is last weeks events.On Monday, we made a haetz project and finished of with grandparents day. Check out our awesome blog post and pictures. On Tuesday, 1 word OlYMPICS!!! Check that out too!!! On Wednesday, we made fruit salad and met our friend Gimmal, who is always going to do nice things! On Thursday we painted using the edge of a cup.. onto a big gimmel and did a find the right brochos game. On Friday, We had an awesome shabbat party, made challah and finished off with "will miss you till next week!" message!

This Fun Packed Week Contained of the Following Events:

1) It all started on Monday morning, as we woke up bright and early, eager to see what our Morah's had prepared for us.... "Shakel," our Morah said, "the blessing we say on all on other types of food like eggs, candy and chicken etc....." "Cool!" we said in unison. Next the shpy came... hes a funny guy! Then Morah played a put the Alef- Bet in the correct mailbox game with us!! On Tuesday, we made pudding. Mmmmmm delicious! Morah Chana also said that she wont be coming anymore. Morah Chana were really gonna miss ya! On Wednesday, we colored a big picture of a daled and hand painted a sign for the Friday night diner, mummy and daddy I hope I go to! On Thursday, we made daled puppets and then since we missed Morah Chana, we made a card for her. Friday, we had a shabbat party, made challah and learnt all about the letter daled!!

See you next week: Click the link below to see the pictures from 9 - 21 November

Love Morah Chana, Morah Chaya'le and Morah Shirit

Picasa - IMG_20141113_153311.jpg
Picasa - IMG_20141113_153241.jpg

Our Mock wedding

Picasa - IMG_20141112_123343.jpg

Fruit salad

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