Blue Cars Nov 10th-21st

Last week we had an exciting week exploring our sense of taste. We painted with our own edible paintbrushes and paint. Then we were able to taste them and eat our picture all up. We learned about having special food for Shabbos that tastes really good. We made our own individual recipes of cookies for Shabbos dessert. We each got our own little bowl to mix our own batter. Our Morah helped us know how many spoons of each ingredient to put in the bowl but we measured them out all by ourselves. We are still learning how to scoop and pour so sometimes our measurements might not have been exact. Some of our cookies were very crumbly and some very soft but we had lots of fun and learning making them. I hope they taste good. We also spoke about some special foods we eat on Shabbos like Kiddush wine or grape juice and Challah. We decorated a special cloth that we will use to cover our Challah on the Shabbos table while we make Kiddush. We had a special game were we tasted different foods. Some were salty, sweet, sour and even bitter. Some of them we really liked and some we didn't. Every person has different tastes and it's okay for one person to like something and not somebody else. We practiced our fine motor skills when we put cheerios onto toothpicks stuck into a foam base. Then we tasted the cheerios.

In our Alef Bais unit we learned all about the Gimmel. He looks like he has two legs to walk on. We glued a felt Gimmel onto papers to go in our Alef Bais book.

We all had a good time with our grandparents on grandparents day. We made special pictures and danced with them. Then we ate lunch together.

This week we learned all about the last of our five senses; sight. We had a lot of fun doing some neat experiments with colours and using our eyes to see what happened. We put a few drops of colour into milk. Then we took turns dripping dish soap into it. We watched as the colours moved and blende all by themselves making a rainbow effect. We decorated very special flowers for our Shabbos meal this Friday night. We coloured on coffee filters. Then we practiced our fine motor skills squeezing water from a pipette. It was so neat to watch and see the colours blend and mix together. We spent a lot of time this week getting ready for Shabbos. We are making a special surprise for everyone to see at on Friday night. We also baked a special dessert. We also learned all about Mitzvos that we can do with our eyes. We can look at the Shabbos candles, use their light and bring peace to our homes. We also started to speak about a mitzvah we will do in a few weeks during the next holiday. That's right, Chanukah is coming and it is a special Mitzvah to look at the flames in the Menorah. We will make very special candles so we can use them for this Mitzvah.

We had a special birthday party for Natan. Happy 3rd Birthday. We danced and sang. We gave Tzedakah and ate special birthday cupcakes. We also had fun bouncing around in the bouncer.

We met the Letter Daled and decorated a shiny daled with stickers to go into our special book.

Picasa - IMG_20141120_104150.jpg

Preparing for the Shabbos Meal.

Picasa - IMG_20141117_121129.jpg

Exploring with sight and science

Picasa - IMG_20141113_085405.jpg

Gluing our Gimmel. Look at those fine motor skills.

Picasa - IMG_20141113_085328.jpg

A Tasting fine motor game.

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