Kindergarten/ Pink flowers Nov 9-24th

These two weeks we had so much fun together. We had a mock wedding during music and movement class where we dressed up like Rivka and Yitzchak who got married in last week's Parsha. We had grandparents day and Olympics day which were both AMAZING!!! We also created really nice wells for when Eliezer(Avraham's servant) met Ricka and chose her as a wife for Yitzchak.

This week we make Yaakov and Eisav puppets, we also prepared for the Friday night meal by setting the table and taking pictures for our own "Is it Shabbos" book."

We also made delicious lentil soup.

We are so excited for another awesome week at Torah Tots.

Morah Shoshana Tova and Mrs. Trescott

Picasa - IMG_20141113_112320.jpg

Our Mock Wedding

Picasa - IMG_20141112_105448.jpg

Building our wells

Picasa - IMG_20141114_111547.jpg

Having fun sledding outside

Picasa - IMG_20141119_111454.jpg

Creating Eisav and Yaakov puppets

Picasa - IMG_20141120_111655.jpg

Peeling vegetables for our lentil soup

To view more photos please click the link below:

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