Project TEAM - Lesson 9 - Flexible Thinking

Today at our TEAM Time puppet show we were delighted to meet Ricky and Picky’s grandfather, Zaidy, who came from Israel for the approaching holiday of Chanukah (Bubby was resting, we’ll meet her next week).

Things turned sour when Ricky and Picky began arguing over which story Zaidy should tell, who should sit on his lap, and more. Suddenly Rock Brain (a cardboard puppet) popped out. He was so excited that Ricky and Picky were stuck with their ideas and wouldn’t be flexible thinkers. Thankfully, Flexible Fievel (a cardboard puppet) quickly arrived to the rescue. He helped us chase Rock Brain away and told us all about his light bulb solution popper that helps him pop up the greatest solutions to pop problems. Using a stick and pipe cleaner he showed us how being flexible is super important for finding solutions and decreasing the size of a problem, bringing about shalom/peace.


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Please fill out and send back to school TEAM Mitzvah notes. We are working on a goal to fill the letters of TEAM that are hanging in the gym. Right now we only have 3 on our board.

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