Grandparents Day 2014/5775

On November 10, the Chabad Torah Tots had a Grandparents Day. The children's grandparents' came and did alll sorts of activities. First it started off with Morah Adina music and movement songs, then they danced with their grandparents . After, they reated together a magnificent artwork on wood with a picture of tehmselves which they could hang up on the wall. Unfortunately, not all of the children's grandparents could come in due to being far away from Winnipeg but that didn't stop us! We connected the children to their grandparents via Skype during the event. All the children and grandparents were so happy, excited and involved in the exciting activity. The event ended off with the children having lunch with their grandparents because there is nothing more exciting and fun than that! This Grandparents Day was a very exciting day at Chabad Torah Tots!

Picasa - IMG_1070.jpg
Picasa - IMG_1105.jpg
Picasa - IMG_1118.jpg
Picasa - IMG_1085.jpg
Picasa - IMG_1056.jpg
Picasa - IMG_1062.jpg
Picasa - IMG_1053.jpg
Picasa - IMG_1036.jpg
Picasa - IMG_1080.jpg

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