Blue Cars November 3rd-7th

Exploring our sense of smell this week was so much fun. We had a chance to smell special scent bottles filled with different spices. We created our own spice paint from spices and glue. Then we used paintbrushes to paint pictures. We learned all about the spices we use when Shabbos goes out and we make Havdalah called Besamim. We saw, touched and smelled cloves that are commonly used for this purpose. We painted our own wooden besamim boxes and filled them with cloves so we can use them every week when Shabbos is over. We mixed and measured our own playdough. We each got a piece and were able to choose between vanilla or cinnamon to add a nice smell to it. We played with cinnamon scented foaming cream and splashed in our vanilla scented water table. We drew pictures in cinnamon scented salt and felt the grainy feel. We added pepperment to our paint to add a nice smell too. We know that we use our nose that Hashem gave us to smell all these wonderful scents. We can also use our nose to smell things like something burning or if food smells rotten. Then we know it is not safe for us and we need to tell an adult.


We also met the letter Vais. He looks just like the Bais but does not have a dot in the middle that looks like a big nose. We glued a fabric Vais to a paper and coloured it with markers. Looking forward to another amazing week and exploring our sense of taste.

Song of the Week:

Hashem gave me a nose

With which I can smell

And do the Mitzvos very very well

Weekly Photos:

Picasa - IMG_20141106_105451.jpg

Exploring smell with cinnamon scented foaming cream

Picasa - IMG_20141105_105555.jpg

Smelling the vanilla in our homemade playdough

Picasa - IMG_20141104_121241.jpg

Drawing pictures in cinnamon scented salt

Spice Painting

Picasa - IMG_20141103_090147.jpg

Practicing pouring skills with a vanilla scented water table

Picasa - IMG_20141106_105607.jpg

Fixing our Truck

Please click the link below to view more photos:

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