Kindergarten/Pink Flowers

This week was so much a fun!!! We leaned tall about Parshas Veyeira and created a tent that has four doors just like Avraham Avinu's and we created the miraculous tree that would spread out its branches if the people who sat under it were good keep its branches straight up if the people were wicked. we also leaned all about different methods of transportation during music and movement class, that was a blast!!! On Friday we baked Yummy, delicious Challah and had a really awesome Shabbos Party with everyone.

Can't wait for another wonderful week at kindergarten. Good Shabbos!

Picasa - Looking out the window in the plane

Looking out the window in our "airplane"

Picasa - IMG_20141106_110816.jpg

Music and Movement

Picasa - 2014-11-06.jpg

Coloring our Puppets for our Avraham Avinu scene

Picasa - 2014-11-06.jpg

Using our AMAZING excercise leaarning book

Please click the link beow to view more photos:

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