JK/ Yelow smilies Week 3rd - 7th November

Hey parents its us over here, were the best in town, were the coolest around so check us out....... so check out the cool things we did!!! Just simply scroll down........... YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO!!!!!!!!!! On Monday, we practiced our cutting strieght lines skill. The Shpy came and told us all about invisible space bubbles! To find out more..... come check out the project team blog post.....as we post a newsletter every week! We started learning about the brachah of Mezonot - Blessing on cake, pretzels, cookies etc! On Tuesday, we finger painted our Mezonot chart and then we made cookies with the letters that we learned - the alef and beis! We had fun in the gym too!!! On Wednesday, we learned about the brachah on things that grow in the ground - Boreh pri hoadamah! Made a big Alef with all our bodys together!! It was so cool!!! On Thursday, we made hoadamah soup. We peeled, cut, and stired it in the pot!! We ate it at lunch it was so yummy!! we painted the letter veis!! On Friday, we made challah and had a shabbat party!!

Morah Chana, Morah Chaya'le and Morah Shirit

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