Kindergarten/ Pink Flowers October 27th-31st

This week went by super fast. First the Shpy taught us a little bit more about how we we can do and say helpful things. We learned the Parsha of the week. Since Hashem promised Avraham that his children will be as numerous as the stars, We colored stars and drew the members of our family inside of them. We put glitter and made really nice pictures. We also created a sheep with a muzzle, like Avraham's animals, to prevent the animals from eating on land that didn't belong to them. We had a fun Music & movement class and baked delicious Challah. Hope to see you all at the retreat!

Good Shabbos!

Morah Shoshana Tova and Mrs. Trescott

Picasa - IMG_20141030_104802.jpg

Gluing family members drawn on stars

Picasa - IMG_20141028_114304.jpg

Playing outside

Picasa - IMG_20141028_114220.jpg


Picasa - IMG_20141028_103409.jpg

Cutting the cup in half to create the mouth of the sheep

Picasa - IMG_20141030_112153.jpg

Music and Movement

Please click the link below to view more photos:

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