Jk/ Yellow smilies Week 27 - 31 October

Once again parents its been a smashing week. Monday, we made play-dough and met our friend the shpy who spoke about saying helpful and nice things to our friends! A new friend came, the "BET" it was so nice to see him!!! It was so much fun to play with him! On Tuesday, we are now learning about the bracha (blessing) on bread - Hamotzi Lechem Min Haeretz. We made a collage with pictures of bread and a picture of us right in the middle .ON Wednesday, we made a muzzle. Just like Avrohom's animals had a muzzle to make sure they didn't eat from fields that were not his. We also made pita with Morah Shirit. We rolled it, baked it and even saw it pop in the oven. We washed our hands and made the blessing of hamotzi (Bread). It was so tasty!!!!! On Thursday, we practiced our Hebrew letters and on Friday, we had a Shabbat party!! We also made challah and had so much fun!!! We cant wait for next week!

See you at the Shabbaton!

Morah chana, Morah Chaya'le and Morah Shirit

Here are some pictures from our amazing week:

Picasa - IMG_20141027_085741.jpg

Picasa - IMG_20141027_090254.jpg

We made playdough

Picasa - IMG_20141028_094202.jpg

Our Bracha collage

Picasa - IMG_20141029_085325.jpg

Making a muzzle

Picasa - IMG_20141029_095106.jpg

Baking pita with Morah Shirit

Picasa - IMG_20141029_094410.jpg

Picasa - IMG_20141029_093423.jpg

Our friend the bet

Picasa - IMG_20141030_103610.jpg

Trying our muzzles

Picasa - IMG_20141030_093232.jpg

New quiet corner was a hit!

To see more lovely photos, Click the link beow:


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