Blue Cars October 27th-31st

We had another fun week exploring our senses. This week we focused on the sense of sound and hearing. We know Hashem gave us ears so we can hear and do Mitzvos with them. We learned about a special Mitzvah called Kibbud Av V'eim. This is the Mitzvah of honouring our parents. We use our ears to listen to them right away. We stamped pictures of ears that help us remember to listen to our parents. We called them listening ears. We explored different sounds with different musical instruments, containers, and other materials. We heard that some of them were louder and some were softer. We painted with bell paintbrushes that made a soft jingling sound whenever we moved the brush. We also made our own tambourines. It was hard work threading the pipe cleaners through the bells and then through the holes in a plate. After we threaded the bells we decorated them with foam stickers and glitter glue.

We also met the letter Bais. He has a dot in the middle that looks like a big nose. We decorated a Sandpaper Bais to add to our Alef Bais book. We shaped the letter Bais out of playdough that had bells in it too. Looking forward to another amazing week.

Songs of the Week:

Use your ears, use your ears

Use your ears so you can hear

Listen to different Mitzvos what sound do you hear?

I listen to my Mommy and do as she tells me

I listen to my Daddy/Tatty/Abba and do as he tells me

I listen to my parents and do what they say

I listen to my parents every single day.

Picasa - IMG_20141029_090535.jpg

Painting the letter Beis with bell on our paintbrushes

Picasa - IMG_20141029_090109.jpg

Picasa - IMG_20141027_085811.jpg

Discoverying things on our new light table

Picasa - IMG_20141027_085820.jpg

Playing Piano

Picasa - IMG_20141024_153015.jpg

Playing with playdo that we made ourselves!

Please click the link below to view more photos:

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