Project TEAM - Lesson 7 - Happy Heart Part 2

Today at our TEAM time puppet show, we helped Ricky and Picky figure out what kinds of things are helpful or hurtful to say. We focused on the words we say when complimenting, commenting or simply sharing information.

Smiley, a marionette, came dancing in with a question for us. Is a knife helpful or hurtful? With a gift box in hand, she showed us how speech is a gift, and similar to a knife can be used in a hurtful or helpful way. Of course we are so grateful to Hashem for giving us this special gift, so we want to be super careful to use with helpful words when we talk.

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Please fill out and send back to school TEAM Mitzvah notes. We are working on a goal to fill the letters of TEAM that are hanging in the gym. Right now we only have 2 on our board.

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