Kindergarten/ Pink Flowers October 20th-24th

This week we had so much fun. Every day, we worked on gluing popsicle sticks to make our very own Teivah. We had an awesome music and movement class, where we learnt how to row boats. Then finally saw the Shpy again after his long absence and he taught us that we all have very special heart inside of us. We want to make sure that someone else's doesn't get broken, but if it does he taught us how to fix broken hearts. On Friday, we had a really nice Shabbos party and we baked some delicious Challah.

Good Shabbos!Hope to see you all by the retreat next week.

Morah Shoshana Tova and Mrs. Trescott

Picasa - IMG_20141023_110045.jpg

Making silly faces during music and movement class

Picasa - IMG_20141020_124958.jpg

Building our Teivah

Picasa - IMG_20141020_112326.jpg

Playing an Alef-Bet game

Picasa - IMG_20141020_112408.jpg

Reading a book

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