Jk/ Yellow Smilies Newsletter Week 20 - 24 October

Get ready, set, blast off! We just took off to a great start here at the yellow smilies classroom. We had a wonderful, lovely week. On Monday, we made 6 days of creation chart, which Morah then played a big Velcro game and we made the creation come to life. When the Shpy came, he spoke about how we have to love every Jew and make there heart happy and excited!!! On Tuesday, we started our brochos (blessings) unit. We made a bracha (blessing) before we ate. We went to the park and played a game about the bracha of Hagofen (a blessing said over wine or grape juice.) On Wednesday, we squeezed our own grape juice, experimented with colours + water and made coloured ice cubes. We spent time in the gym and started our Aleph - Beis unit. On Thursday, we took our colourful ice cubes and painted with it to make a rainbow. We spoke about Parshas Noach all about the teivah (the ark)! On Friday, we had a Shabbat party which were so excited to have again. Now we cant wait for next week to keep learning and growing and of course having fun!!!!

Love Morah Chana, Morah chaya'le and Morah Shirit

Here are some pictures from our week:

Picasa - IMG_20141023_090135.jpg

Playing with the coulurful sand

Picasa - IMG_20141020_093146.jpg

6 days of creation chart

Picasa - IMG_20141022_093545.jpg

Experminting with colours + water = Colourful ice cubes

Picasa - IMG_20141022_091918.jpg

We squeezed our own grapes

Picasa - IMG_20141022_120359.jpg

Made a bracha hagafen and drank it!

Picasa - IMG_20141023_090141.jpg

An aleph

Picasa - IMG_20141023_125106.jpg

Making a Aleph with our bodys

Picasa - IMG_20141020_133507.jpg

Learning about our body

Picasa - IMG_20141022_151939.jpg

Learning about road saftey

Picasa - IMG_20141023_085328.jpg

A rainbow using the ice cubes

To discover more exciting photos......... Just click on the link below:


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