Blue cars October 20th-24th

It has been a week of learning and exploring as we began a unit on our Mitzvah five senses. This week we focused on our hands and the sense of touch. We learned that Hashem gave us hands that can feel and touch. One Mitzvah that we can do with our hands is giving Tzedakah.

It was very exciting to explore different textures and materials. We finger painted on rough sand paper and made our very own puffy paint. We had a lot of fun pouring and mixing to make our very own play-dough. It felt so soft. Then we added some seeds into our dough. After we added the seeds it felt a little different and bumpy. Taking the paper off the foam stickers we used to decorate our very own Tzedakah box had us working our fine motor skills and using our hands. We even got to put a penny into our Tzedakah boxes.

We have also started going through the Alef Bais. This week we met a big puppet letter Alef. We felt sand paper letters with our hands and used the play-dough we made to shape the letter Alef. We started the first page in our Alef Bais touch and feel book that we will take home at the end of the year.

We are working very hard on using the tips and lessons the Shpy gave us in his visit on Monday. Please send in TEAM Mitzvah Notes. There are already printed and cut notes available on the Project TEAM bulletin. We would like to see all the letters of TEAM filled up with notes.

Song of the week:

Hashem gave me two hands, two very special hands so I can do the Mitzvos every day.

Hashem gave me two hands to feel and to touch so I can do the Mitzvos every day.

Picasa - IMG_20141022_105315.jpg

Playing nicely

Picasa - IMG_20141022_152659.jpg

Music and Movement

Picasa - IMG_20141023_103457.jpg

Picasa - IMG_20141023_103021.jpg

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