Project TEAM - Lesson 6 - Happy Heart

This week in our TEAM time puppet show we met Ricky’s (paper) Happy Heart and saw how sparkly it looked because of how friendly she and her friends act toward each other. We watched Picky call his grandfather in Israel and share with him the hurtful/mean comments and actions of his friends that day in school. As they spoke, we watched with compassion as Picky’s Hurt Heart (a large paper one) was torn into pieces.

We discussed ways to heal a Hurt Heart and bandage it up. We are trying as hard as we can to keep all our friends’ hearts happy in the first place, and make each other even happierthan we are already.

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Please fill out and send back to school TEAM Mitzvah notes. We are working on a goal to fill the letters of TEAM that are hanging in the gym. Right now we only have 2 on our board.

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