Succot Fesital Fun week

Hey Parents! Click on this Blog Post if you are curious to know about our Sukkot Week!

I'm so glad you decided to click on it! I would like to let you know that your child had a great week! Is that right soldiers in the army of Hashem? Yeah! (there voices shout in chorus) Tell them about all the great things you did?

Mummy and Daddy, when we came back to school, Morah prepared something special. We had a musical and movement class. We sung the Torah pesukim, built a sukkah, and we even had our very own lulav to shake to the shake freeze song! We made our very own Torah to dance with on Simchat Torah. On Wednesday, we had lunch in the Sukkah. It was such a beautiful day. We also had Mrs. Swartz come and play music for us to dance too. We held flags and our own Torah.

P.S. Special and unique things that each class did!!Here goes!... Yellow Smilies and Blue cars made a Torah that opens up to revel mitzvoth inside. We cant wait to do lots of Mitzvot and start the Torah again anew! Yellow Smilies also made a flag. Pink Flowers had a hunt on the hill.

We cant wait to see you tomorrow night at 7:30 PM for the Hakofos. There would be dancing and signing. Every child would receive a candy and a flag. Would love to see you there. Cant wait!!!

Here are some pictures from our exciting week:

Picasa - IMG_0939.jpg
Picasa - IMG_0945.jpg
Picasa - IMG_0985.jpg

Music and Movement

Picasa - IMG_0995.jpg
Picasa - IMG_0999.jpg

We made our very own Torah

Picasa - IMG_20141015_102651.jpg

Shaking The lulav and Etrog

Picasa - IMG_20141015_110858.jpg
Picasa - IMG_20141015_111823.jpg
Picasa - IMG_20141015_113026.jpg
Picasa - IMG_20141015_113704.jpg

Music/Dancing With Mrs Swartz

Picasa - IMG_20141014_122724.jpg

Dancing In the Succah

Picasa - IMG_20141015_120721.jpg

Eating in The Succah

Picasa - IMG_20141015_123617.jpg

Pink Flowers Hunt

Picasa - IMG_20141014_131815.jpg

Painting With Nature

To see more pictures from Sukkot.......Click the link below:

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