Kindergarten/Pink Flowers September 29-October 2nd

Monday, we came back from Rosh Hashana all refreshed to start the new year. The Shpy came back and taught us all how to ask for things in a pleasant way.

We also learnt to differentiate between needs which can wait and needs that are urgent.

On Tuesday, we made our very own chickens for Kaparot.

Wednesday, we had so much fun learning a new song for Yom Kippur and in addition we had music and movement.

We explored the trees and all of the pretty colours of leaves. We learnt all about the letter L and words that begin with L. We have started observing pumpkins, inside and out. We found out that pumpkins float. We measured how tall they are, and we counted the seeds inside. The words of this week are:" I", "a", and "the".

Picasa - IMG_0713.jpg

Decorating our Chickens for Kaparos

Picasa - IMG_0729.jpg

Gluing feathers on the chicken

Picasa - IMG_0719.jpg

Cutting out our Chicken head

Picasa - IMG_20141001_110858.jpg

Music & Movement

Picasa - IMG_20141001_113302.jpg

Catching bubles

Picasa - IMG_0773.jpg

Petting a dog

Picasa - IMG_0804.jpg

Center time

Here are some pictures from week 4 - September 22 - 24

And Week 5 - September 29 - October 2nd

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