Kindergarten/Pink Flowers Week 3 (September 15th-19th)

This week went by so quickly!!!!!!!!! We did so many things!!! On Monday, we mod podged our Shofars to make them all nice and Shiny. We also traced and decorated apples for our Rosh Hashana cards. We also had the Shpy come in and explain to us how to use our thinking brain. On Tuesday, we started to create our Tashlich scene page by tracing fish, sand and a mother and girl. On Wednesday, we painted the river on our Tashlich page ,had an awesome music and movement class and we had apple in honey tasting. Yum!!!!!!!!!!! We also recorded some songs that we learnt about Rosh Hashana and played them in class. It was so much fun! On Thursday, we finished our Tashlich page, and saw an amazing show by Rabbi Baruch. We learnt all about how Shofars are made and we even got a practice tube to practice Shofar blowing!On Friday, we made yummy round Challahs and had a really nice Shabat party with Morah Adina.

Good Shabbos, and we can't wait for another wonderful week!

Morah Shoshana Tova and Mrs. Trescott

Picasa - IMG_0422-SMILE.jpg

Apple in Honey tasting

Picasa - IMG_0326.jpg

Mod podging our Shofars

Picasa - IMG_0449.jpg

Music and movement

Picasa - IMG_20140918_124653.jpg
Picasa - IMG_0441.jpg

Painting the river for our tashlich scene

Please click the link below to view more photos:

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