Blue Cars Week 3 (September 15-19)

This week we had so much fun learning and preparing for Rosh Hashanah. We learned all about the Shofar. We know it comes from a goat or a ram. We were able to touch, feel and even blow a real Shofar. We mixed colors and painted a big Shofar for our classroom. We had an amazing music and movement class.We had a special presentation where we helped turn a goat horn into a real Shofar. We used our fine motor skills to decorate Shofar crowns with stickers.

Looking Forward to Another amazing week.

Mrs. Truscott, Morah Hinda Rivka and Morah Marina

Picasa - IMG_0522.jpg

Popping bubbles in Music and movement

Picasa - IMG_0371.jpg

Playing at the Park

Picasa - IMG_20140915_092620.jpg

Painting our BIG Shofar

Picasa - IMG_0366.jpg
Picasa - IMG_20140916_091449.jpg

Melting crayons with Morah Swetlana

Picasa - IMG_20140918_122927.jpg

Helping Rabbi Baruch make a Shofar

Please click the link below to view more photos:

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