Kindergarten/Pink Flowers Week 2 ( September 8th-12th)

This week we had so much fun! After being away the whole summer the Shpy came back on Monday and he invited us to join his super duper team. Then, we got to color in our traced pictures that we had traced last week. On Wednesday, we had an AMAZING music ad movement class which set our day all upbeat. We also finger painted honey jars for Rosh Hashana. On Thursday, we painted shofars and practiced making the Shofar sounds. Next week we will practice the sounds with our Shofars!!!!! Friday, we got to make Challah and had an awesome Shabbos party with Morah Adina and all the other kids.

Good Shabbos!

Morah Shoshana Tova

Picasa - IMG_0243.JPG

Finger painting our honey jars

Picasa - IMG_0321.JPG

Taking portraits in the park

Picasa - IMG_0308.JPG

Picasa - IMG_0126.JPG

Coloring our traced Pictures

Picasa - IMG_0275.JPG

Paiting our Shofars

Please click the link below to view more photos:

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