JK/Yellow Smileys Week 2 8-12 September

September 12, 2014

JK's week 2 8-12 September 


We dove straight into another fun packed week of learning! On Monday, we had the shpy come visit and he asked us to join his mitzvah team! On Tuesday, we learned about the dipping of the apple into sweet honey. Next week, we are going to have an apple tasting feast. We cant wait! On Wednesday, it was Ela's birthday and each of us made her a birthday card. Happy birthday Ela! We also painted our very own shofars, which on Thursday, we had them placed onto a crown, making our very own shofar horns! We felt so cool!!! Also, we walked to the mail box and posted our Rosh Hashanah cards that we made!!!! On Friday, we made challah and had an awesome Shabbos party with Morah Adina and all the other children in Torah Tots!!!!  


Throughout the week, we learned all about the shofar! Here are some facts that we learned. The shofar has three sounds, a long one, a medium one and short ones. We practiced blowing it! It was very hard to blow but we tried hard and we succeeded!!! It also made a lot of noise, like an alarm clock saying wake up, wake up now, its time to be better and be nice to our friends. Remember, Hashem is our king and will always be. Also, we learnt that the shofar comes from the head of a ram or a goat. Check out our shofar crowns that made!!!!!!  


We learnt so many songs!! We sent home one, can you can sing along with me? 


Cant wait for another awesome week! 


Morah Chana, Morah Chaya'le and Morah Shirit


Pictures of Jk's Fun week

Shofer Learning



Trying to blow into the shofer



Making our very own shofer horns (Shofer's comes from the head of a ram/a goat)




Cleaning up


Daily calander - Morah had a special helper


Experimenting with clay


Music and Movement

Click the link below to see more photos:


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