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Birthdays at Ctots

Birthdays are such a delightful time for our little ones and their families, and we love being part of these special moments. Let's sprinkle a bit more joy into the celebration.

You have the option to organize a small-scale classroom birthday party during snack time with the cooperation of our fantastic school staff. Just give us a heads up at least a week in advance. Parents are more than welcome to join.

Birthday packages may be ordered through Ctots which include cupcakes,

juice and special cups and napkins for $36.

You are welcome to bring in any uncut fruit or vegetables to share.

Please do not distribute birthday favours. Instead, consider having your child present the class with a gift for the classroom in honor of their birthday. Our class has a wish list. You can get in touch with Chani to order the item you’d like to present. This gesture is a thoughtful twist on birthday gifts so it isn't just about the typical birthday "getting"; but about instilling the value of generosity and giving.


Feel free to pass out invitations for celebrations beyond the school if all the children in the class are invited, it is not scheduled on Shabbat or a Jewish Holiday, and the menu includes Kosher goodies. This is a great opportunity to teach your child about consideration and thoughtfulness.

Looking forward to celebrating with you 😊


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